Are you looking for a way to add comfort and warmth to your home without the hassle of maintaining a traditional wood burning fireplace? Glick has the answer. Let us help you find the heating solution you need with the style and craftsmanship you want. We carry a full range of gas fireplaces from Heat-N-Glo, the world’s #1 fireplace manufacturer. Gas fireplaces are clean, efficient, and can be customized for increased energy saving capacity. They are hassle-free and will look beautiful in any room of your home. Traditional and modern designs are available, from the sleek “Modern” collection featuring clean lines and simple structure, to the original 6000 series, with a traditional fireplace appearance.

These fireplaces provide the ultimate in comfort and quality. You can select from a variety of gas fireplace styles. From traditional to contemporary, you will find a design that matches your home’s décor. Gas fireplaces come with effective remote-control options, making the use of your fireplace extremely convenient. Contact Glick today to learn how to create comfort beyond compare for your living space.



Glick is your one-stop source for gas, wood-burning, and pellet stoves and inserts. We have a wide selection of clean-burning, efficient products from Quadra-Fire and Vermont Castings. Our pellet stoves are fully automated.

Gas Stove

Gas stoves, powered through your home piping, provide an efficient way of keeping your house warm. Gas stoves have high levels of insulation and tight-fitting door hinges that allow heat to be retained for longer periods of time.

Wood-Burning Stove

Wood-burning stoves offer comfort and style to your home. Many people with access to cheap firewood choose a wood-burning stove as a cost-effective way of keeping warm. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes to meet your design preferences.

Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves provide an efficient heating solution for your home. Unlike wood-burning stoves, they do not require a chimney and can burn a number of biofuels including corn, wheat, and wood pellets.